October 24th, 2021

Just Married

October 24th, 2021


We're getting married!

Welcome to our wedding website, we can’t wait to celebrate our special day with you.

We’ve created this website as a convenient and interactive way to share all of the important details with you in the lead up to our wedding.

You can also read more about our love story, get to know our awesome bridal party, and check out our registry information too.

So have fun, take a look around and don’t forget to RSVP!

Finally – thank you for your ongoing love and support. We are so excited to share this day with you and look forward to dancing the night away with all of our favorite people!

– The Future Mr. & Mrs. Triantaphilides

Happily married for . . .

Summer Romance

Our Story

Summer 2011

How it all started

First day of summer classes with our hands full of textbooks,
my mom is delayed and it’s getting late…
“I can walk you home if you’d like?”
“But I live on 49th…”
“No way, I live on 48th!”
After that night, well what I can say,
He walked me home every single day!
Then on 08/11/11, we made it official…
And ever since then, we’ve called each other babe!

August 10, 2017

The moment I said YES!

Summer 2017 and Island-hopping through Greece,
first stop: Zakynthos and jet-lagged to say the least,
“Babe, I want to capture the sunrise with my drone…”
“Okay fine,” I said with a groggy moan.
“It’s your turn to fly it now…”
“Wait, why me? Here we go, time for the drone to drown.”
“You’re doing great, just bring it closer…”
The closer I brought the drone, the clearer it became
He was down on one knee, asking me to take his last name!

Ceremony & Party

The Wedding Event

Main Ceremony

2:30 PM

Holy Resurrection
Greek Orthodox Church

1400 Cedar Swamp Rd, Glen Head, NY 11545

Wedding Reception

6:00 PM

Champagne Welcome at 5:30PM

Water's Edge

445 E Main St, Centerport, NY 11721

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

Our "I-Do" Crew


Ourania and I met in 6th grade at the Louis Armstrong Middle School. We became best of friends, talking on the phone for hours (I mean hours) and giggling uncontrollably all the time. She remains as my most generous and thoughtful friend to this day. We lost touch after college when both of us pursued our professional destinies. In late 2020, we decided to meet up. Since then, it has felt like no time has passed between us. I am excited for Ourania and Nick to kick off the next chapter in their journey. Thank you both for having me be a part of it! - Anaé


Rania and I met summer 2010 at NYU and had many classes together. When I first met her, I thought she was a smarty pants. We took a swimming class together and we got hit with Hurricane Sandy before we could officially “pass” the class haha! Our song was and still is Mi niña Bonita by Chino Y Nacho. College would not have been the same without her! - Emily


Rania and I met through her brother when I accidentally came over one night and she had her “Who is she?” face lol. Our relationship developed by finding out we have so many things in common. We are almost the same person! We like to exercise until we don’t. Over quarantine we would try to work/study and tan outside at the same time with frappes lol. We like to drink some margaritas and mojitos once in a blue moon, and we are both big foodies! - Karla


Rania and I unofficially met in elementary school, always waving at each other in the cafeteria and hallway (to this day we don’t understand what made us do that!), but didn’t ever have class together so a “friendship” never had a chance to develop. Fast forward to summer 2010, guess who I see at NYU? Our faces literally never changed from elementary school, so Rania came up to me, we smiled, hugged, and the rest was history! - Nura


I am excited to introduce you to my very best friend Luis, whom I've known since our first year in high school. His eagerness and determination to be the best student and individual he could be helped contribute much to my success and push my hard work ethic even further. That's why it is an honor to have him stand by my side on my wedding day. Thanks again for being such an awesome friend! - Nicolas


What's up bud? If you're reading this I just want to thank you by saying - Laka sumboooody, bigg boi ovehere! In all seriousness, thank you for being such a great friend and brother. I've never witnessed such perseverance to remain focused on achieving your bigger goals from anyone as much as you, that you've inspired me to remember to do the same. For this reason, it brings me great pleasure to not only also have you on my side on my wedding day but to have you as our Koubaro (Best man). Thank you again! - Nicolas


Noel is the epitome of a selfless person; despite any challenge he encountered, Noel always stuck to his family values and supported the needs of those around him even if it meant sacrificing personal pleasure or comfort. It brings me great pleasure to have him on my side at my wedding day. Thank you for being such a great cousin and friend! - Nicolas

Anastasia & Dimitrios

Flower girl & Ring boy


Ourania’s niece: Anastasia is my one and only niece and her sassy personality gives us a run for our money! Whether she wants me to exercise with her or wants Nick to pick her up infinitely, her energy can put and keep anyone in shape! She is also super excited for her role as “flower girl,” and we couldn’t envision our big day without this beautiful little lady!


Ourania’s nephew: Dimitri is my very first nephew and has stolen our hearts from day one! He is the most scrumptious little man we know and there’s no one else we can envision on our special day to woo the ladies and carry our rings down the aisle!

Luna & Rocky

Dog of Honor & Best Dog

“No one can fully understand the meaning of love unless he’s owned a dog.”

Gene Hill



There are a number of local hotels a short drive away. A list of suggested hotels can be found below:

Marriott Melville Long Island

1350 Walt Whitman Rd, Melville, NY 11747
(631) 423-1600

Hilton Garden Inn Melville

1575 Round Swamp Rd, Plainview, NY 11803
(516) 755-5552

Hampton Inn Long Island/Commack

680 Commack Rd, Commack, NY 11725
(631) 462-5700


Wedding Registry

Please note that your love and support is all we ask for on our special day. However, if you do wish to celebrate with a gift, we are registered at Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s, and Amazon!


Be Our Guest

We completely understand some of you may not be able to confirm your attendance until closer to the date, particularly those who are traveling. However, we will require your RSVP no later than October 3rd in order to confirm the numbers with our venue.
You can conveniently RSVP below!



Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions are constantly changing (for better or worse), so please continue to monitor our website for the latest updates!